Loki & Sigyn: Thor the Dark World AU

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When the guards come to inform him that the Allfather requests his presence, Loki is not intimidated in the slightest. When they remove the enchantments on his cell and cautiously escort him from the dungeons, he pays them none of his attention apart from the ghost of a smile that graces the corner of his mouth. However, once he finds himself before Odin, sitting on his throne so far above him in such a supercilious manner, the first cords of irritation begin to pull at his throat, and he forces himself to swallow down the rising anger. But when Odin speaks, the muscles in his back and shoulders contort with unease.


They want her, Narvi and Vali removed from Asgard. He should have seen this petty move coming; it had not taken the Allfather very long to decide to imprison, cast out and banish his three previous children. His silent rage must be noticeable now; his nails are digging into his palms despite the shackles encircling his wrists. But the Allfather does not react. The Allfather does not care for the lost prince standing wretched before him.

She will not be broken by any of them. His lips curve into a crooked smile, and this time he does not conceal it.


Sigyn runs. Terror and fury give her wings as she tears through the crumbling palace as the Dark Elves’ spacecrafts, stepping over fallen and scorched bodies. All around her, shouts are drowned out by the thought of Narvi and Vali, who by now will no longer have the protection of the palace guards ordered to confine them under Odin’s command.

She finds Vali struggling against a Dark Elf that holds a blade to his throat. Seething rage burns through her, and the heat of her ire seems to emnate from her as she steps towards her son, forcing a calm tone as she demands the Elf release her son. She cannot see Narvi; she looks for him among the drone of Elves that surround her, and her body begins to quiver as the fire within her swells.

She is the Victory-Bringer, and for her children, she will burn them all.

Back in his cell, Loki hears the sounds of the roaring flames and screams as the Victory-Bringer unleashes her fiery wrath upon Malekith’s army. A twisted smile works its way across his features as he stands, making his way over to the shimmering glass to wait for her when she comes.



She could only answer: "I don’t know"

[Myth!Verse]: Loke talks about love with Sigyn

When you think of chaos, the last thing that comes to your mind is 
constancy. Chaos erupts, constancy stays. But the world is far more
complicated than simple labels. Chaos craves constancy, as a wolf
lurks for the moon above. The soft sound of peace, the kind touch
of mercy, the loving kisses of the lady crowned with grace and
He looks at her with admiration, he looks at her with respect,
he looks at her with love. He looks at her, wishing that she will
look back at him, someday.

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"Did she suffer ?"

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